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Choosing The Perfect Area Rug For Your Home - Area Rugs Size Chart


Shopping for an area rug is an amazing experience. It means you are ready to make big changes in your home. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to purchase an area rug because they are not sure about the size they need. Today, will be the day you will learn how to choose your rug, become a rug expert and purchase the area rug you fell in love with.

First Let Start with The Basics – Common Area Rugs Sizes in Feet and Inches

  1. 2x4 Feet (24 x 48 Inches)– Doormat
  2. 2x8 Feet (24 x 96 Inches)– Runner
  3. 4x6 Feet (48 x 72 Inches)– Small rectangular rug.
  4. 5x8 Feet (60 x 96 Inches)– Medium rectangular rug.
  5. 8x11 Feet (96 x 132 Inches) – Large rectangular rug
  6. 9x12 Feet (108 x 144 Inches)– Extra Large rectangular rug
  7. 13x16 Feet (156 x 192 Inches) – Gigantic rectangular rug (Not many retailers carry this size)


Recommended Area Rugs Sizes for The Bedroom:

Bed Size                                    Rug Size

Twin (39” x 75”)             5’ x 8’ (60” x 96”)

                                     8’ x 11’ (96” x 121”)


Queen (60” x 80”)          8’ x 11’ (96” x 121”)

                                      9’ x 12’ (108” x 144”)


King (76” x 80”)             8’ x 11’ (96” x 121”)

                                     9’ x 12’ (108” x 144”)


Recommended Area Rugs Sizes for The Dining Room

Table Size                                    Rug Size

42" x 60" oval                    8' x 10' (96" x 120")

49" x 97" oval                    9' x 12' (108" x 144")

36" x 70"                           8' x 10' (96" x 120")

32" x 76"                           8' x 10' (96" x 120")

36" x 84"                           9' x 12' (108" x 144")

39" x 90"                           9' x 12' (108" x 144")


Recommended Area Rugs Sizes for The Living Room

Seating Size                        Rug Size


(83"-89"W x 38"D)      8' x 10' (96" x 144")

                                   9' x 12' (108" x 144")

Apartment Sofa

(72"-76"W x 39"D)       8' x 10' (96" x 120")

                                    9' x 12' (108" x 144")


(63"-73"W x 39"D)        8' x 10' (96" x 120")

                                     9' x 12' (108" x 144")

Common Questions About Area Rugs Size

1. What size area rugs fits well under a queen bed?

If you wish to place an area rug under your queen size bed, an 8x11 area rug would be the ideal size for the bed. The width of the rug will be 3 feet wider than the bed, perfect for avoiding your feet to be exposed to the cold floors in the morning.

2. What is the correct size area rug for a sectional couch?

The recommended size area rug for a sectional couch would be an 8x11 or 9x12 depending on how much percentage of your floor you are trying to cover. Usually the 8x11 area rugs works perfectly fine.

3. What size area rug will fit a dining table?

• For a 4 chairs small dining table we recommend a 5x8 area rug.
• For 6 chairs we recommend an 8x11 area rug.
• For an 8 chairs dining room table the ideal size rug would be a 9x12.

3. What area rugs size can fit under a coffee table?

For a coffee table a 5x8 area rug will work out perfectly fine.

4. What area rug size should I purchase for an apartment living room?

Depending on how much ground you wish to cover, an 5x8 would cover around 45% of your floor, but If you wish to cover 80% to 95% of your floor we recommend going for an 8x11 area rug.

Hopefully by now, your doubts have been put to rest eternally. Now it is time to act and shop for that area rug that caught your attention.

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