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The rug is absolutely amazing! The colors are vibrant and beautiful! Definitely added new life to the living space! I'm very pleased with the purchase! Thanks!

Beautiful rug. Vibrant colors

Less Deen

The rug goes perfect in my bedroom.

Distressed Rug 8x11 PERFECT

This rug is gorgeous! Just like pictures and fits perfectly in my modern farmhouse living room!

2104 Red Abstract Contemporary Area Rugs

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 Bargain Area Rugs is an area rugs manufacturer located in the heart of New Jersey. For many years, we have provided customers with unique area rugs at affordable prices. What make us different from many other retailers, is that we manufacture our own collection and sell directly to the public. Our area rugs are manufactured with the best materials in mind and are backed with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Adding an area rug to a home is beneficial in many ways. Area rugs give décor a finishing touch, adding warmth, colors and creating a cheerful environment. Rugs can also hide any imperfections and stains in hardwood floors or carpets. Plain floors can be rough for kids and pets; a rug can prevent injuries and add comfort. Our rugs are 100% chemical-free making them very safe for infants. An area rug can prevent scratches and dents, protecting your floors from heavy traffic and any type of abuse.

Our finely woven area rugs are like pictures for the floor. Our rugs contain crisp lines and deep colors that will bring out accent colors in any room. All rugs found on BargainAreaRugs.com are heat-set polypropylene, and are yarn-dyed providing long-lasting colors. Our area rugs are durable and vacuum up like a dream, so there is no need to worry about shedding, colors fading away or stains not coming out.                                                   

Our Area Rugs Features:
Soft to the touch fibers for comfort. 
A backing of cotton and jute to prevent the rug from bending and folding.
Strong and durable fibers resistant to soiling, stains and shedding.
With our rugs, in most cases, a rug pad is not needed.


All orders placed on our website are shipped within one business day. Customers will receive a tracking number and an estimated delivery date within 24 hours after placing an order. In most cases, packages are delivered within 5 business days or less. If for any reason you wish to return your rug, we offer a 30-day hassle-free return and we do not charge a restocking fee. 

For any questions or to place an order you can contact us:
via the Phone (732)-485-6564 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm (Eastern Time)
or by Email: Bargainarearugs@gmail.com


If you would like to pick up your item in person, please contact us . Due to construction and for your safety, we don't allow any walk-ins customers at the moment. 


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